She Came From Afar by Courtney Lindberg – New Review

Story Summary
After a stirring dream, Courtney Lindberg was inspired by the voice of God to go to Africa and adopt a baby. This is the story of a family’s evolution, beginning with a decision to push the boundaries of their comfort zone out of the country-literally.

But She Came From Afar is much more than a tale of international adoption. It’s about trusting that God will lead you out of the desert and fill you with purpose, ultimately fulfilling the deepest desires of your heart. This book tells the story of their inspirations and challenges, their search for answers, and the loving family they created in the process.

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5 Stars From San Francisco Book Review

Each family is different, and this is especially true for families who have adopted children. Not only do they have to deal with all the typical struggles of raising a child (sometimes from infancy), but they also need to face questions from the people around them and from their own children. It is a trial, but a common enough one that there are many adoption stories, several of which are beautiful and filled with the grace of parents who manage to pass through the trials and keep their heads held high. She Came From Afar is one such story.