This Poem Brilliantly Captures What ‘Home’ Means To Young Immigrants

“At the end of the day, when there is no work left to do, when exhaustion is all our legs can feel, we all want to get home. But where do we go when home tells us to leave?”

Thus begins “Standing In Between” a poem performed by high school students Khamal Iwuanyanwu, Sarina Morales and Vanessa Tahay at the The Get Lit Classic Slam. The three teens, coming from three very different immigrant backgrounds, break down what it feels like to be “in-between” their native countries and the land they call home, America. 

“I tell grandma I’m not welcome in my new home,” Morales recites in the clip, posted by Button Poetry on Nov. 7. 

“They blame us for taking away jobs that no one wants. For risking our lives to make theirs more convenient.”

The poem goes on to describe the uneasiness young immigrants or children immigrants feel with the thought of going “home” to their native countries. 

“Home is one pair of shoes…why go back to coal, candles and caves when here we have convenience?” 

The trio concludes by repeating, “We all want to get home…But where do we go?” 

Watch the entire clip above. 

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